City Market in Raleigh, NC

The City Market, built in 1914, served the Raleigh area as a farmers' market until it was closed in 1957. In 1988, the City Market building and the shops around it became art galleries, restaurants, gift, and home accessory shops. The original cobblestone streets are lit by vintage lamps and filled with 19th century charm. It is located in the heart of downtown Raleigh at Martin and Blount Streets.

The nomadic life in Tibet

A nomad family raised domestic animals such as yaks, sheep, goats and horses. Male yaks were used for carrying loads and female yak called "dri" were providing milk. Similarly, male sheep were beasts of burden and female sheep call "mamo" were providing milk. Tibetans follow the four seasons. Nomads moved from pasture to pasture between the summer and winter places. Because they were on the move, most of them lived in tents. The tents were made of yak hair. The women spun the yak hair from the flocks and then it was woven. The men sewed them into tents. Yak hair tents were water proof and enduringly durable. A Tibetan nomad family before 1959 lived a self-sustained life. They produced their

Things to know about Singing Bowls

Let's explore the benefits of singing bowl and sound therapy. Tibetan Singing Bowls produce the sound of OM. Sound vibration affects human body and mind. Om is the symbol of the universal sound. During Tibetan traditional meditation, one clears their mind of distractions and listens to the sound produced by their internal body; that sound resonates with the sound produced by the singing bowl. So, Singing Bowls are commonly used in meditations and yoga because sound helps people clear their mind and achieve perfect stillness. The soothing sound produced by Tibetan Singing Bowls creates compassionate and holistic resonance with every note producing harmonic overtones that help the healing proc

Why People Travel & How It Can Be More Fulfilling

Many great minds have spoken about the importance and benefits of traveling. Mark Twain said, “travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it solely on these accounts”. I personally like to travel because I feel alive; my senses are heightened when I travel. I am aware of every moment and am able to enjoy and appreciate my surroundings. For instance, I don’t remember what I did last Wednesday, but I remember in detail my days in the Iceland, Kathmandu, Florence... The book The Art of Travel by Alain De Button and my own travel experiences around the world inspired me to write this blog post. I want to explore why people have always been fascinated

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