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The nomadic life in Tibet

The nomadic life in Tibet

A nomad family raised domestic animals such as yaks, sheep, goats and horses. Male yaks were used for carrying loads and female yak called "dri" were providing milk. Similarly, male sheep were beasts of burden and female sheep call "mamo" were providing milk.

Tibetans follow the four seasons. Nomads moved from pasture to pasture between the summer and winter places. Because they were on the move, most of them lived in tents.

The tents were made of yak hair. The women spun the yak hair from the flocks and then it was woven. The men sewed them into tents. Yak hair tents were water proof and enduringly durable.

A Tibetan nomad family before 1959 lived a self-sustained life. They produced their essential food and made all their clothing themselves.

Spring was fun. Green grasses began to grow and then wild flowers covered the vast pastures. Cool spring breeze welcomes the wonderful summer followed by autumn where horse racing and festivities brought happy days.

Tibet was predominately populated by nomads and farmers before Chinese occupation. This scene depicts the life of an ordinary Tibetan nomad family from Western Tibet.

Karma Tashi

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